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Thu, Oct 01
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Exploring Hermetic Symbols in Today's World
The language of symbols spans centuries and has always spoken to the hearts of those from all walks of life. How are they relevant to us in these times? Let's find out!
Sun, Sep 12
Sacred Scotland with Andrew Harvey & Raven Sinclaire
Join Andrew and Raven for 10 nights in magical Scotland where we will commune with the Land, the Elements, the Spirits and Each Other!
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Aligning Soul Purpose/Life Purpose
CLASS IS FILLED. Are you looking for your next chapter?Do you wish your work resonated with your heart? Do you long for your inner purpose and outer purpose to align? This is a class to balance polarities and connect with your sacred work.
Old Truths in a New Light: Transmutation in These Times
COURSE IS FILLED. These are crazy times where 'normal' is gone and the rules seem to have changed, but guess what? They haven't changed since the beginning of time. We just forgot how to play by them. The wisdom of these principles will transform you and our world.
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