11/11 & the only two relevant questions

Hey Tribe, Happy 11/11/2018 (also an 11)! The wait is over and the world is changed. Hmmm...really, you say?

Well, let me explain. Three from our Temple of Ascension community: Lisa, Tara and Gerald, are in Jerusalem, having just completed the Convergence Transmission ceremony with grid workers from around the world along with Christof Melchizadek. Many of us have been working remotely with the group and Steve and I meditated into the wee hours of the morning, experiencing powerful inner shifts. The rainbows around the sun, above, were taken during the convergence at Temple Mount.

The ground crew in Jerusalem were seating new codes, replacing the old flower of life. This seating pulls the plug on the last pieces of the patriarch and so much more.

Many of us have been feeling dizzy and disoriented, ungrounded and a little seaskick. There have been many time jumps and slips within my community and, while those may not change as we are moving into greater feels different. There is clarity and hope and surrender. I feel the wait (which is always within) is over and the world is emerging.

What have we been waiting for?

I hear from friends and clients and have also experienced in my own life a feeling of anticipation. We have become experts at waiting....waiting on this or that to happen or feeling as if we are waiting on something "out there" and we are not even sure what it is. Everything is on hold until some outer event or savior comes to make it all better. Ahem.

The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence reminds us that the only changes we are called to make are the ones reflected in our own inner mirror. If we have been waiting on some big event to happen in the world...our political party to be in power, our health to improve, our families to become more mindful, meeting our soul mate, a big new job or a big new raise, then that's a sure sign it's time to address our inner imbalances. In what ways are we waiting on act, to breathe, to take responsibility, to become more mindful, to live as if the world is our temple and all life is ceremony? The world truly changes when we do.

As the new codes (see graphic below) are seated, we no longer have slack room. We are called to live authentically in all ways and take responsibility for our own consciousness. No more waiting, no more blaming. You are your own hero/ine, your own leader, your own healer and teacher. We can utilize the wisdom and knowledge of others without projecting our successes and failures (our power) onto them. When we stay present and powerfully centered in each moment without carrying patterns from the past or projecting problems into the future, we have no fear, no guilt, no blame, no more anticipation for something that exists "out there." The wait is over and we have a deep knowing that there are only two questions that are relevant:

Where am I? What time is it?

The answers are constant: Here and Now.

What a beautiful space in which to live! I'll meet you there... Happy 11/11!


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