A Lesson in Living

Updated: Jan 26

Evan and me, taken the day before his wreck.

On a Friday morning in late March I got a text from my son that read....."going to the cabin to hike, may spend the night."

I answered, "Ok. Drive safely." Then an impromptu prayer spoke through me...

"Archangel Michael, Thank you for surrounding Evan with a barrier so strong that nothing can pass through but love." It came from my lips but caught me a bit by surprise.

Later that afternoon, I checked my messages after being with a client. Evan had been in a wreck coming back from the cabin, his voice was shaky, saying only that he had totaled the car and would call me later. I didn't recognize the number of the phone he used so I called it back and, after a few minutes of back and forth and being given a second number, I reached him and began driving toward the cabin.

Longer story short, he was fine. Blood from two small cuts covered his shirt and hands, but the car had rolled several times off of a steep mountain road and landed in a creek bed upside down. He crawled out of the broken passenger window and nice people stopped to help.

He was lucky. It seemed miraculous to all who saw his car. His wallet was found up in a tree as were car parts and possessions. However, this was a huge jolt to us all and I literally felt it in my body, waking up the next day to pain in every cell and an aching head. He stayed with us that night and I kept a close eye on him. The next day, he was off into the world, with a borrowed car and a new lease on life.

A couple of days later I found the shirt he had been wearing behind a chair, where it had fallen. I began to hand wash the blood stains and tears flowed. This blood of my blood, created from pure could you call it anything else?...ran in red streams across my hands and down the drain. How often we are called to let the dried blood wash away, to release the related tears of pent up emotions and fears. We are urged, continually so, to let the past go. It is old, it is outdated and, really, it is non-existent. It's only a movie we replay over and over, allowing it to dictate all of our present moments for better or worse. Just as Netflix can steal a Saturday afternoon, our past experiences can hijack our present moments over and over again until the past becomes our comfort zone and we choose to remain a prisoner of it.

Evan has been spurred into more consciousness and so has his Mom. These near miss moments that happen in all of our lives can soon be forgotten if tragedy is avoided. And, of course, it's healthy to let it go. However, the reminder to be present, to connect in each moment with each other, with nature, with ourselves is a habit that we can all try to embody. It is a beautifully fragile existence that we have, where the past is only a replay and the future only a dream.

It is said by many and we know it to be true, but experiences like this one bring it home in new ways: this moment is really all we have... the moment washing the blood away and truly experiencing the depth of the lesson, the moment of a hug and making a soul connection, the moment we make the decision to crawl quickly out of a car window and live or send waves of gratitude in the form of tears to the Universe, the Angels, the Creator and vow to honor the gift. We are always one moment away from death and one moment away from life, one moment from love and one from separation. When we have a deep understanding of that, it becomes effortless to believe that the World is our Temple and all Life is Ceremony. This moment is sacred, so sacred, and the gift is that it never ceases to be just that.

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