Blood Moon and Changes: Conscious or Unconscious?

I hope you are all basking in the Eclipse energy of the beautiful Blood Moon. From an astrological standpoint, movement is in the air and I, for one, am ready.

It has been a slippery slope the past months of dropping identities and wondering what this is all about and even, if it has any purpose. My study of Hermetics has gotten me through this time of dark despair because I know there is a rhythm and that the pendulum swings. I also know it is our task to rise above the swings and hold the center. I see the extremes in our world and know that they will only result in other extremes. The women's movement, though much needed, has led to man-bashing and an 'us vs. them' paradigm. The warning signs of unconscious rebellion and where it will take us are already here.

From an unconscious state, we can only swing the opposite direction. Sacred Activism (and Hermetic Principles) teach us that it is not through extremes or fear that we effect lasting change. It is through awareness and rising consciousness that we raise the vibration of our reality so that the rhythm of the pendulum swing is not to one extreme or the other.

A simple example I use in Hermetics is that if we have happiness on one side of the pendulum and despair on the other, we can use the higher states of rhythm to change our own polarities to happiness and contentment, so that we are not caught in extreme cycles of despair. If you're not a student of Hermetics or another study of Universal Principles, I encourage you to dive in and do it with a friend so you have someone to explore the principles with and keep them at the forefront of your perception. It has become automatic for me to see the principles at work everyday and as I recognize them, I can see what is coming and know how to navigate, manifest and at times, be non-reactive. I'm not sure what I would do without this wisdom, but it would be so much more difficult to live in these times without it.

On Thursday, 18 of us will gather for the Winter Hermetics Circle, my last one! This Circle is made up of spiritual teachers and visionaries and three who have already taken this course and are doing it for the second time. I'm looking forward to the insights that will come to inform this unparalleled time on the planet and sharing them with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I'm hopeful that this Blood Moon and the dynamics around it give a reprieve to the intensity of all our experiences. Change is constant and we can choose to be conscious change-makers or not.

Stay heart-centered and present my dear soul family!

Our need to "think and rationalize" and our obsession with the past and future hold us back from our own divinity.



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