By the time you know it, it's no longer relevant

I recently received an email from a student of Hermetics and she was frustrated because she had found a contradiction from one level of teaching to another. It's true that hermetic teachings often contradict themselves. What may be a focus at one stage can become irrelevant at a later stage. It’s importance may have been as a stepping stone until the student comes to a space of greater knowing and that subject that he or she delved so deeply into at one point requires complete detachment at another.

This is true in life as well as Hermetics.

But remember that all frustration is a lesson in itself…anger is a key to open some hidden door. It’s our tendency to stop at the point of strong emotion. We may internalize it and move on or we may blow up, have an outburst and call it healthy because we didn't hold it in. However, we only released the emotional charge of the moment. We didn’t learn the deeper cause. Very often that frustration or anger is an egoic self sabotage to keep us from moving through another gate of awareness.  Remember Marianne Williamson’s quote, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."  As long as we deem ourselves inadequate and look to others to carry the wisdom, we don’t have to be held accountable. With power comes great responsibility.

Contradictions follow us through our lives. Many who are on a spiritual quest may look back at teachings they encountered in their teens or twenties that now seem ambiguous or even silly. When I was a teenager, I read Ruth Montgomery Books and Edgar Cayce readings. I'm grateful for both of these heart-centered teachers, but they were teachers for their time, not ours, and my attachment to them was all in ego because I found their abilities fascinating. Now, I know literally dozens of people who can do what they did in some form (Light flows through each person uniquely), including myself. Most of the priests/priestesses in Temple of Ascension have awareness that even surpasses these early teachers I found so captivating in my teens. The world is ascending and so are we. When we are continually looking for the next teacher or teachings, moving from one to the next, this question may apply, Why am I avoiding my own unique spiritual connection and giving up my power to someone else?

The wise sages tell us that truth flows so rapidly that by the time you hold on long enough to call it true, it is no longer truth because the knowing of it is too slow. Wisdom requires emptiness. For this reason, my courses have structure but are also channeled in the moment for what a particular group needs. I have started a workshop one way and completely changed everything at Spirit direction. It was disconcerting at first, but now, it is simply Life. The way we perceive Spirit is in this present moment and it’s not for us to keep. It’s ever-moving so if we take what we experience in this moment into the next moment, we have missed the point.  And what we carry with us will hold us back, no matter how beautiful or awe-inspiring it may have been the moment before.

If that sounds frustrating to you…remember that we all have to face a brick wall before we can pass through it. I know a lot about brick walls and I have the scars to show for it. As we all know from experience, though, the path through leads into another level of awareness and we begin the quest for the next wall.  It's always helpful to keep the following tidbit in mind….Your brain is a computer so it’s an amazing tool that you can use, but don’t let it boss you around. It is the mission of every spiritual teacher to work themselves out of a job, watching their students rise to the point where they no longer need them. When we become attached to specific teachings or teachers, we are in computer-mode. True genius lies in the heart where Spirit flows too quickly for us to try and catch it.

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