Cleaning out the closet of dreams

I know this from my own life and those who come to me for sessions or guidance. Lifelong dreams, career aspirations, relationships that seemed destined to last, long-held visions of who we thought we wanted to be are ending. They have become shells of familiarity that give us an illusion of safety and stability or empty goals that keep us from seeing what exists in this moment.

Everyone is talking about this time on the planet. I won't add to it with my two cent's worth. In fact, I feel in some ways that it is not my place anymore to do that. This is a time to look within for us all and see what resonates and what doesn't. When we give up our own sovereignty to others, when we ignore our own spirit connection or second-guess our guidance and look to another for clarification, our own awareness becomes atrophied. I always said that my ultimate goal was to work myself out of a job and I feel that time is here, at least with regard to my private sessions.

This has caused a complete shift of goals and dreams, with a release of old ones and the slow unfolding of what's next. If this describes your life as well, the accompanying emptiness is cause for celebration. Life as you know it is changing and a new form, a new world is taking shape.

Part of my sacred work that is ever evolving and is perhaps even more relevant in these current times is my work with women in Priestess and Magdalene Circles. This is deep and powerful, a magical unfolding. I'll facilitate one Multi-Dimensional Priestess Path and one Magdalene Mysteries Circle in 2017. Spaces are limited and filling now; see fliers below.  So that I can close marketing for these Circles and women can begin preparation, I'm offering $200 savings for those who sign up by October 7th. Reserve your space now. These are my only U.S. events next year. Scotland events are coming soon.

I'm happy to be in this shifting journey with you, enjoying the moment and looking forward to all that is yet to come. Love, Raven

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