Move to the driver's's fast and free

Most of us go about life on automatic pilot, feeling out of control and leaving so much of our experiences and even endeavors up to chance. I used to do this. It was the way I lived and if things worked out the way I wanted, it was a happy accident. That was before I knew that I have control of my destiny, at least in large part, and I could be in the driver’s seat, rather than being taken for a ride by life, oblivious to where I was going.

When I lived this way, I became a victim of circumstance, unable to step into my own power and purpose. Things happened “to” me instead of “for” me and life was hard…blah, blah. I was a tiny boat being tossed around in the big, bad sea of life and was oblivious to the one simple step that would move me from the backseat into the driver’s seat. The act of setting an intention, whether it be for a meeting, a project or process, or a designated time period transforms you from victim to champion and places you firmly in control of your destiny.

Now, I’m the Queen of Intention-Setting! I set intentions for my day, for client sessions, for phone calls and nature walks. There is very little time for which I have no intention, even if the intention is to relax and recharge, which is often the case. An intention gives meaning and direction to our experiences, but most importantly it also brings in a bit of magic.

In the minute or two it takes to set an intention, you are informing or infusing every particle of air, every cell in your body and calling in Universal forces to bring about your intent. Your thoughts and words are sent up as prayers to the Divine, if you believe that or just supercharging your own efforts, if that feels better to you. You need no equipment to do this. It’s free, fast and powerful. In fact, for every minute you are living without intention, you have given up control and appointed chaos as your master.

Begin now. Set an intention to live intentionally and masterfully manifest your dreams!

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