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Hello Emerging Ones,

How are you during these times?  What are you missing the most? What do you need right now? When I'm exploring the Principle of Mentalism with students and clients, I often pose the question:If humans, like some butterflies, had a lifespan of only one day, look back on the past 24 hours and tell me what kind of life you lived.Did you love, laugh, serve, share, grow? Or did you wait, worry, hoard, miss-out?

Many of you have emailed about booking a private session and found out that I no longer do them. I work with longer term clients in programs to make deep and lasting change. These are unprecedented days so I've created some new options that may work for you. There's even a free Tuesday evening Zoom Medicinefor These Times call hosted by Temple of Ascension. Registration ends April 22nd.

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The situation we are in becomes more and more surreal as we go along. Conspiracy theories are abundant and no one really knows what is happening or where we are headed. However, we do know that things have changed and we are likely spiraling toward a new 'normal' if that's a word that can be used at all.  It seems almost triggering to watch movies where people embrace, shake hands, and touch their faces :). I was thinking of this on my drive yesterday, coming back from the post office, my big scary outing for the week!

Remember When We Could:

  • meet a friend for coffee

  • gather with people we love

  • go to any restaurant we felt like

  • attend a gym or yoga class

  • go to the office

  • get a regular paycheck

  • see children playing in the park

  • unload groceries without sanitizing everything

  • open the mail and not think about the germs it carries

  • go to a concert...

  • ....a play

  • ....a class

  • attend a friend's wedding

  • attend our child's graduation ceremony

  • pay our bills

  • peruse market shelves that were filled

  • knock on a neighbor's door

  • plan for the future

There are many opportunities missing from our lives, but they have been replaced by some others. 

Now We Can Choose To:

  • make the time to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits

  • really connect with those who are in our own households

  • check in more often via zoom and facetime with those we love

  • write that book

  • paint that picture

  • create that new business

  • shift our perception from glass half empty to glass half full

  • sit under a tree

  • meditate

  • pray

  • garden

  • sing

  • dance

  • feed the birds

  • brainstorm with friends far away

  • read a book

  • smell the flowers

  • live in the moment 

We can (and it seems we must) let go of the visions we once had, but also the limitations.We never could have imagined this predicament but what else could you barely dare to imagine before? Maybe you never thought you would have the courage to get out of that soul sucking job or the time to take up a hobby or the luxury of a yoga practice. This is that time. How will you make the most of it? What can you dream into being without the limiting stories you had in the past? I would love to help!

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Remember to register for our FREE Temple of Ascension (TOA)'s Zoom Medicinefor these times. Tuesday calls begin April 28th. Some of TOA's most talented and inspiring leaders will host these calls and everyone is invited. Tell your friends and Join Here.

In this time of transition and transformation, what kind of YOU will emerge from the rubble?

I can't wait to find out!

Sending Love and Holding Space for Your Miracles,


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