Hero or Villain - it's the same

These are trying times for us all, regardless of beliefs or lifestyle. The views are polarized. I see and hear the stories of either desperation or celebration; of activism or self-satisfaction and I try doubly hard to keep my personal power firmly centered in my body.

It’s easy when we are triggered to take our power, like a basketball, and pass it to the target of our frustration.  We throw the ball in anger because our go-to place is to fight against, what we perceive, as insanity.  Our energy is projected and dispersed along the way and we are left more frustrated and tired and defeated. Our point of power, which is only within, has been drained.  Spiritual teachers have said it all before “What we fight grows stronger. What we resist, persists.” It’s been proven to me enough that I know it to be true. So when I take my triggers as an invitation to look inward, there is great opportunity for healing and...yes.... just like magic, the world changes.

Every four years, roughly half of us can become complacent….”Oh, good, my candidate won. All my worries can be put to rest and he/she will save the economy and healthcare and commerce and my life will be wonderful.” This is also giving away our power, passing the ball to our hero rather than our villain. There really is no difference.

Whether it’s my turn to praise a hero or curse a villain, I see it as the same. I vow to give my power to no one. I endeavor to take responsibility for my part in this story and take back the power to govern my own well-being. What is the world around me mirroring back and will I handle it with integrity?*

Recent events are giving us the best opportunity to see what’s inside. What do we fear, and is that fear just a replay of the past that we are projecting onto the future?  My mother used to say “Don’t borrow trouble.”  The world we manifest is the world we feed. Are your thoughts and energy focused on a world of peace and freedom and prosperity that mirrors your own deep sense of peace and freedom? Or are your thoughts focused on a frenzied world of oppression? No matter which polarity we identify with, collectively we have chosen this time to heal and make huge shifts in consciousness. It takes a healthy dose of fortitude to do that and it’s always an inside job.

May the healing be soul-centered, with grace and ease. Love, Raven

*I use and recommend the work of Byron Katie and the late Debbie Ford to understand individual shadows and projections.  

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