I feel just as crazy as you do.

Did you see any of this coming?

There are lots of shifts happening out there. Some we can only feel and others are actually in the news, including these:

  • The Catholic Church recognizes Mary Magdalene as an Apostle to the Apostles.

  • Despite some continued opposing efforts, 2015 & 2016 have been banner years for LGBT rights and equality.

  • The Vatican reveals catacombs with frescoes that show female priests.

  • Corey Goode, one of many who've spoken out about the Secret Space Program reveals years of info to Ken Wilbur; revelations from those who are 30+ clearance levels above the president of the U.S.

These kinds of shifts in our world cause fearful responses when we are afraid to look within our own psyches. This is so understandable. Most of humanity has no precedence for self-reflection. It is not something that's taught in schools or by most parental figures. As a Priestess in my particular lineage, I know that the way I experience situations outside of myself is a reflection of what's going on inside. I KNOW and BELIEVE this, but still I catch myself being reactionary to some things and some people. Even though my reactions are usually to those fighting against change rather than for it, ultimately the triggers matter less and less. What I do with those triggers is what's important and I try to remember to always go within.

My inner world is in a big transition to say the least. I've recently told friends that I feel I've lost my identity and when I explain this, it resonates with them too. The situations and attachments that defined me for so long have fallen away and become irrelevant. I'm in a space that feels in-between and, rather than fight it, I've rested into it to see it deeply and feel it in every part of my being. It is a mostly contemplative state with occasional bouts of sadness, happiness, hopelessness and optimism. The difference is that I see these emotions as fleeting and not a part of my true self so I'm able to look at them and be with them without the former attachment.

Some of the states of awareness (concerns) that have recently come up are...

  • Goals that I used to have, that were really important to me, are no more.

  • For the first time in my life, I'm not waiting for something to happen. At first, this felt just plain wrong. Don't I need to have things to look forward to? How can I better myself if there is nothing I want to attain or do in the future?

  • Friendships and even extended family relationships have fallen away and I feel no attachment, good or bad to this.

  • I feel alien to much of humanity

  • Places and events I used to enjoy have become too draining.

  • Pretending to be one way when I feel another just to make others comfortable is not an option even for a few minutes.

  • I make no qualms about leaving a situation that feels inauthentic or those whose words hit me as untruths.

  • Memories of past events seem very far away and, in some cases, as if they happened to someone else.

On the surface, this list sounds negative, but the longer it lasts and the deeper I go, this is what has emerged:

  • Goals have fallen away because I am living in the future less and less. My current state is mostly one of presence.

  • Being on a spiritual path is about continually assessing my connection with the Divine. That is my growth path and it can only be accomplished in the present moment.

  • When relationships no longer present a healthy mirror for both parties, it is an attachment to the past that keeps us hanging on.

  • The less I am using up consciousness with my mind and thoughts, the more I have to really feel and BE. The noise and chaos of the world becomes so much more apparent and unaligned from my heart-space.

  • Full presence is and can only be authentic.

  • To support situations and people who feel harmful or illusory is a disservice to Self and others.

  • Memory is mostly related to the mind/ego. When we are incarnated, we usually don't remember our experiences from past lives or, if we do, they seem to come and go for reasons of soul growth. As we become more present, awareness of many spaces and states of being are opened to us so that the limited past is not at the forefront of consciousness.

The world around us is losing its own identity and the mirror is up for us all. Just as our own attachments to material desires, egoic goals and ultimately, the mind, are coming out to be purged, the shadows of those who've been in power in our world are being revealed. Truths long covered up are coming out into the Light. Those who've been suppressed are being given voice and their long overdue rights. These shifts can sometimes feel really unnerving but ultimately are great accomplishments toward Unity. 

To take this to a whole other level of "woo-woo," there are amazing incoming energies supporting the stepping out from ego/identity of us all. Higher vibrational frequencies, called matatronic by some are supporting (substitute forcing) us to raise our own consciousness. The old thought forms and patterns are falling away and this is making many of us feel out of sorts, disoriented, or tired. Some are sensing, hearing and seeing things that they haven't before. These experiences cannot be reasoned with the limitations of the mind or explained by a language that lacks higher consciousness. They can never make sense when placed within our own thought boxes. Relax and resist the urge to label. Judgement is part of the old pattern and there's really no sense in fighting what your soul came here to do. Rest in the uncertainty, knowing that you are not alone and all is well. In fact, it is so much more than well. It is our destiny being made manifest.

In Love and Solidarity, Raven

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