I'm Exhausted. How about you?

Last month I wrote the post entitled, What if we were all one body? It resonated with a lot of people and also answers some questions about the energy levels or 'lack of' that many of us are now feeling. Those who are especially empathic have traditionally struggled with depression and mood swings that they often didn't understand. Now as we all move toward our next evolutionary state, whether it's in baby steps or giant leaps, we FEEL. When a part of our greater body of living creatures is hurting, it affects us whether we are conscious of their pain or not. When a child is starving, an animal is treated cruelly, a fellow human is gunned down, a nation's leaders create despair rather than hope, or a government misleads her people, some invisible cord is touched and we feel the vibration deep within.

We are all part of the same body; our connection is inextricable. We are the hunter and the hunted, the abused and the abuser, the condemned and the savior. There is no separation because it's simply impossible. We've created the illusion of separation for the sake of sanity, to make ourselves feel better, to make us forget. Just as the spotlight is unveiling the darkness in our world, our own blinders are now coming off.

There is much to feel these days and it manifests as lethargy, grogginess, body aches, deep and powerful dream states, headaches and even numbness in hands and feet. It's time to rest and feel. Our bodies are literally transforming. Allow the feelings to move through you so they don't get stuck somewhere inside and go into hiding again. If you have aches and pains, go into them and ask what they are and what they need. You may be surprised at the answers that come and the release that follows. Do this in meditation, prayer or with a bodyworker that you trust. Be kind and gentle to yourself, drink lots of water and get some sleep. Most importantly: Be Present and In Your Body. It is your Temple space and deserves your deep attention. Eckhart Tolle says that when the master is away, all sorts of undesirables will take up residence in the home. These turn into long held traumas and, eventually, disease.

Of course the end result of being fully in your body is a reconnection to Source, the vibration of Love that can only be opened by your presence. This connection is pure energy that will recharge you and flow like a sacred balm out into the world. As you heal and recharge, so too does the whole body. We are all in this together and together is the only way we will make it through.

Love, Raven

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