It's a Wild Ride (and the Stream flows down)

Adventures in Evolution, our new podcast is linked below, but first.... This is a time for Being more than Doing Remember the Hermetic axiom As Above, So Below? This speaks to the Principle of Mentalism that tells us creation happens in spirit first, is brought down into thought form, then finally into the physical. When we also create in this way, our creations are powered by the Divine. If we try to create from the physical level or even thought level (remember the old affirmations?), we are simply moving toy furniture around in a dollhouse. The teaching doesn't say As Below, So Above because creation begins at the most pure level. Spirit is refined matter and matter is densified spirit.  We have an inner soul purpose, connected to the As Above, and an outer life purpose, connected to the As Below, and it's good to be mindful of the difference in the midst of the chaos. Ideally, we are connected to our soul purpose and that trickles down to inform our life purpose. Some of us are living life purposes that are disconnected and not fed by spirit and this will always end in disappointment. Our endeavors might still be successful by cultural standards, but will leave us feeling empty and always in search of something more.  In these unsettled times, we are called to connect with that soul purpose: the Being rather than the Doing, the expanded awareness rather than the busy ego. Many of us sensed these unprecedented times and they may become even more surprising as we go along. Our notion of what is true and false may be questioned. If we are connected to our soul paths during these times, the best next steps will be clearer and the overall picture and ever-shifting truths will be taken into stride. When we accept a particular source of information that is on the dense level of matter as always the truth, we plug into the system and become caught in a story and the boundaries that keep that story true. I'm not saying to disconnect from health and financial news, but to hear and act from an awareness beyond emotions of the moment. When we are connected into higher states of consciousness, we know that each moment has shifted from the last. By the time you can hear a thing, it has already changed. The guidance that is needed in each moment is your own Divine connection and expanded awareness. Then you can filter through all the other stuff (while also washing your hands:). This post (my guidance) is only to remind you of your guidance. You are absolutely where you are supposed to be in this moment. Keep shining and remember that the creative stream flows down and not the other way around. Love, Raven P.S. While you're out and about, I hope you'll listen to Adventures in Evolution, my new podcast with Andrew Harvey, links below. Let us know what you think and send any questions you would like us to explore. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Anchor Link

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