It's not as it seems and purging is never pretty

Our community grows….in numbers and in consciousness. There are no accidents in this illusion of which we are all participants. The more aligned each of us become, the more opportunities and awareness and connections resonant with that higher alignment will come our way.  2017 has not been a favorite year for so many. Human rights have been trampled. Environmental protections redacted and violence has risen. Egoic power plays and reactionary words are on full display. It's easy to feel the surface ripples, but we are called to look deeper into the reflection.

Contrary to what it seems, we are poised to take this ship to shore. The collective bag of shadows that we as a country, as a planet, have been dragging around for centuries has broken open for all to see. The ugly and decaying contents are spilled out for the world to gawk at and to which we can each point a judgmental, wagging finger.

If we will own up to these shadow parts rather than projecting onto others or trying to stuff them back inside a broken bag, then a healing shift the likes of which we have never seen, is a real possibility. We are only in charge of our individual piece of the world and for my own part in this collective journey, I intend to turn my outward pointing finger inward. What does this mess mirror inside of me? How deep can I take this outward lesson to make real and lasting inner change? As long as we project our power - either positive or negative - onto a leader or a government, we are bypassing the blessing. When we can look at a leader that goes against our beliefs or even a leader that we greatly admire and remain untriggered and unchanged internally, then we know we are in charge of our own governance and standing firm in our own power. When we can be in gratitude and actually feel love for these same leaders who are serving as teachers of change for us, then we know that we have truly found the love within. 

Things are not yet as they seem. The long-hidden closets must be dumped out in the open before they can be cleaned.  We have been in the phase of “getting worse before it gets better” and it isn’t finished yet, but it’s important to recognize that all the outward offensiveness we have seen in 2017 was only a reflection of what was always there, hidden in the collective closet.  Purging is never pretty.

It’s true, perhaps now more than ever that “The World Changes when You Do.” Within my own community, I'm humbled by and grateful for the individual shifts I see, which are happening lightning-fast. I'm choosing to view it as a microcosm of the macrocosm and a testament to how much the world is shifting too. Love is the great game-changer and it's an inside job. As we clean our own closets and open to love, the outer mirrors will reflect that love for each of us until one day, it is the projection that everyone can see. I'm still hopeful.

Blessings of the New Year and may it shine brightly for us all.

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