My greatest lesson is something I can't teach.

There are times when we take stock of our lives and Winter is the perfect invitation for this kind of exploration. Nature is a wise teacher and she tells us to slow down...there are no seeds to sow or crops to harvest. In many parts of the world, the weather is less than friendly for outdoor excursions. The fireside and a warm quilt beckon, a long novel calls, a cup of tea sings to us a song of surrender. Shorter days set the stage for rest and for some unexplained reason, we find ourselves trying to do anything but that.

In over half a century of life, I have learned that by slowing down I accomplish so much more, but the best part is that I'm plugged into the Divine flow. This flow brings wonderful treasures that I would have missed in a hurried, unconscious state. I can't teach this to others. Not really. I won't convince a driven person that it's true. Like most of our gained wisdom, it is only accepted by others when they have mostly reached it already themselves. For the first time in my life, I find such peace in that truth. It is not my responsibility to save the world. What a relief. Convincing others of some shortcut or pointing out the ways they might live more fully are red flags for me to heed my own advice. It is only mine to live and let live, love when it is both easy and difficult, and be at peace with whatever is in this moment. It might just be that our greatest act of service is to "be still."

Life as we know it is incredibly short. I know this because it must have been just last week that I was twenty-something and raising babies. I had goals and dreams of things I would one day accomplish and money that I would one day earn. After some of those accomplishments, I realized that I've always had all I needed in each moment and the striving for more only hijacked my point of focus and sapped my power. It's ironic to spend precious time in a hurry to get something... to accumulate more money, more things, more accomplishments. My richest moments are leisurely mornings over breakfast with my beloved, time spent with my grown children, sitting in sacred circle with my tribe, feeding the deer at our cottage, purring cats on my lap and bird-watching through our living room window. The things that I've accumulated don't even make the short or long list of importance.

I believe there are great adventures that await beyond this world, but they are different than this one. So I soak up the beauty each day of this Mother Earth home and I cherish the soul family that is my community. It's my intention to spend no time in fear about the future, no energy feeding the social media monsters, and giving no part of my open heart over to the broadcast of doom and gloom from news outlets. I choose my point of presence and creation in each moment and I choose Love.

As we all head into the sacred days of December and a brand new year, I honor you, not for what you do or have or accomplish, but for who you are. There is really nothing of greater value than your presence and I am thankful for it.

In the stillness of the season, may you find peace and connection and experience Divinity in all things. Happy Holidays and Much Love,


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