No Doomsday Here

Dear Lovely Souls, I'm just back from a final 4-day Hermetics weekend with a powerful group of conscious beings (see fun slideshow link below!). I am wonderfully spent and raw and bliss filled. It's maybe not the best time to write an email to thousands of people, or it could be the perfect time.

My inbox beckons and In spite of planning a day of rest, I've been opening a few emails and responding to some. The unsubscribe button gets a lot of use these days as I choose to be more and more disconnected from the chaos and illusion and more connected with Nature, family and my own inner guidance. There are some unsettling predictions up right now and channelings from higher beings that seem to hit in rather low places.

We are in unprecedented times, no doubt, and to get caught up in fear and drama and miss the beauty and truth of this precious moment is not what I wish for anyone. Throughout our 7-month span of this past Hermetics class, a couple of times someone pointed out the peace and love they felt in their lives and how it seemed we were living in a different world from much of the planet. And of course, that's true. We each live in our own mirrored experience and we attract those who are resonant. Together, we strengthen the projections and perpetuate the mirrors.

If you feel that we are living in a world that is headed toward more chaos and war or that disasters are around the corner, remember that mirror. Look within and ask some tough questions: In what ways would disasters validate me or shake me from a life that I need saving from? What is the war within me that feels imminent? How can I find contentment and value in this present moment?

Our experience; our world is all a collective illusion and even Science proves this more and more with new insights into the hologram. It's our own responsibility to awaken from the dream of the planet and to that end, it's helpful to remember there are only two ways to meet the world: from a place of fear or from a place of love.  When we go within and clear our own signals, we rediscover our connection to Source and have no need to get caught up in the drama around us. There are countless realities, all going on simultaneously. You get to choose for yourself. I see you in peace and I honor your highest wisdom always.

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