This is Huge, and it Must be Conscious

If you're anything like me, you're exhausted, experiencing crazy, cosmic dreams, lacking clarity, questioning what has always been perceived as Truth and ready for the uncertainty to be over. The last few months we've experienced a Grand Central Station of energies and codes coming in. Most of us have dealt with physical and emotional symptoms and if we are healers, this has been heightened as we process for the planet and create an easier path for others.

This is a time of Ascension. It is not something that will pass and, in order to go forth on the accelerated timeline, we need to let go of our old story template. I used the vehicle analogy in an earlier mailing. Two vehicles have been traveling side by side and we have been able to jump back and forth between lower and higher consciousness. That time is quickly ending. Our choices should be made....which vehicle are we on?

For those who have made or are making the decision for the higher vibe ride, the lower vibe frequencies become heightened for a time due to the contrast. The starkness of the dark energies on the planet right now seem daunting. It's not uncommon to go in and out of feeling hopeless about humanity to feeling very disconnected from what's happening in the "news" as if it is happening somewhere else.

I've been spending a lot of time in Nature and meditation and it's clear that the next few weeks will be an accelerated and sacred time. You may find yourself revisiting past events and either experiencing a release from them or already feeling as if they happened to someone else and hold no attachment for you. Expect increased experiences where you feel you are in between realities or even seeing and experiencing other realms if you haven't before. You may often think you see things out of the corner of your eye. You may hear strange tones or noises, smell things. Dietary changes to more "Light-filled" food and less heavy food or even no food at all are common. You may also lose your attachment to future events. I've found when people ask me what I expect to happen in the next few years, I say "I don't know" and a silent afterthought is "I don't care." I am experiencing more and more presence and there is no way to be present and still hold feelings for the past or future. This is a strange and beautiful thing!

Our bodies are transforming and some are choosing to leave their bodies while others are choosing to stay and ride this wave. Both decisions are perfect. Whatever your choice, keep your focus on the Light, the higher vibration of any situation. Meditate every day. Connect with the Earth, the Sun, your Higher Self and ask to receive ascension codes and integrate with grace and ease. Surrender to this process of release and upgrade. Take deep breaths and be aware of any places in your body that are holding on. Self care is important as our bodies are feeling the brunt of this! And for goodness sake, connect with your Tribe. It's important to meet and be with people who help you hold higher consciousness.

Expect intensity over the next month. Let go. Be Present. Be Love. This is the moment we've been waiting for.

As always, let me know if I can help. Love, Raven

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