Hey Sparkly Ones, Recently, Steve shared a story with me about a man who was called to house and dog sit in a neighborhood of multi-million dollar homes. While he was watching a large screen television with state of the art audio and rambling around in an expansive space, walking the dog through a wealthy neighborhood, he realized that he was no happier than before. In fact, he was more than ready to return to his small apartment when the time was up.

I’ve often said that my happiest house was a rent house that had 900 square feet where my second and third child were born. There were five of us living there and no place to escape the laughter of children or connecting with one another. The most unhappy place I’ve lived was an over 5,000 square foot house that looked out on a beautiful lake with our boat and jet ski waiting in the water.

Of course this wouldn’t be surprising to most of you. True Happiness is not conditional on things. We don’t become happy when ‘such and such’ happens and this same concept is tied to many others.

When we let go of the story of what we wanted to be or do and surrender to what is truth in this moment, therein lies the real freedom, true bliss.  There are many obstacles to get to this point and they’re all by ego-design. If we are always busy searching, reaching, working toward, then we will never uncover the truth that is within and Ego can remain in charge.  So we busy ourselves with a thousand facebook friends, iphone hypnosis and obligations that are mostly ego-driven though we may tell ourselves otherwise.

What is to be found in this often-avoided surrender? It is simply that we are not the vessel that lives and breathes and carries within a spark of Divine Light. In fact, we ARE the Light and we are in truth observers of the incessantly busy vessel. We've only momentarily confused our point of perception so that we believe we are experiencing a reality rather than observing an illusion. Enlightenment is not something to be gained through work and study. It is the result of losing what we have always believed and shedding much of what we have gained through work and study. It is such a beautifully humble uncovering. 

So many more people are catching glimpses of this reality.  Sometimes it happens during meditation or time in nature or through deep prayer or spiritual effort. Sometimes it happens spontaneously when a cockroach crawls across your ankle (as in Byron Katie’s case) :). 

While most of us can’t live in this space all the time, we carry the realization from it and we live from that truth until the next time we experience a moment of Oneness.  The realization in a nutshell is that we are not this story that we have been told and we are not any more or less important or advanced than anyone else. In truth, we are One with the loving force that flows through all of creation. How awesome is that?!? In moments of pain and anger, hopelessness and confusion, we can hold onto this healing awareness.

So cry when you need to cry or scream into the forest when you are angry. Pent up emotions have built upon themselves to create walls that hide the truth. Wrap your arms around your pain and give love to your fearful heart. Uncover it all. Feel it. Release it. Then realize you are none of that.

All Love. Always, Raven

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