What if we were all one body?

Sometimes we have a sudden flash of clarity that changes everything,

even if we thought we already understood.

I saw a video recently of people from different countries talking about their pride in being a certain nationality. They even mentioned the countries they didn’t particularly care for. Then they all took a DNA test and the results left some of them speechless. The man who disliked Germans had German ancestry.  The woman who described a hatred for Turkey found that she was indeed part Turkish. (Link to Video)

I saw the image of all humanity as one body. Those with whom I feel a kinship or would consider part of my tribe, whether I’ve actually met them or not, might make up one finger. All of us with generally the same belief systems and vision move the finger with relative ease, but even within that finger there are times of conflict. Until it is worked out, the finger becomes stagnant, unable to move and go about its work. When the conflict subsides, we again work together to move that proverbial finger and we are scarcely aware of what the other fingers are doing, not to mention the other hand, the head, the legs, the feet. They seem so very far away and we are more concerned with our own point of focus. However, if one toe declares war on another toe, the pain is still felt throughout the body. The immune system is compromised and the body holds its breath until a truce is reached and the toes put down their weapons.

We choose sides when it makes no sense. “I’m rooting for my right foot to bomb my left foot!"

In this moment it is so clear and easy to understand and I'll try to hold on to this perspective for awhile before I get caught up in my own struggles once again. If we were all one body, we would know that it is impossible to be healthy if any of our parts are out of balance or at war with each other.  If we are all one body, we understand that supporting each other and finding common ground is the only answer that makes any sense at all.

If we are all one body, with every part working toward a common goal, there would be no end to the possibilities. It's not a new concept, but we are hard-headed.

"We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other." -Romans 12:5 Like other moments of deeper understanding, this doesn't require an “I’ve gotta change the world” mentality. We only have ourselves to hold accountable and we can only shift our own beliefs. What if we continue to hold the vision that “we are all part of the same body” and choose to act accordingly?  What if we join those who’ve already made that choice and the momentum continues?

Sending Love, Raven

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