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I was driving today, thinking as I often do about the abundant beauty of this place I call home. I'm often brought to tears as I look around at these mountains and rivers, valleys and waterfalls, and it occurred to me that the emotions and passions I feel for Nature have manifested so many more opportunities to revel in it. It is my greatest joy and greatest solace and it is so abundant in my life.

It would be nice if I could manifest this brilliantly with regard to other things....say financial windfalls or the like. The truth is, I'm just not very passionate about stacks of money. I've tried to be, really I have, but I'll take the rolling shades of green hills and forests over green in my pocketbook any day. And if I want to feel like a wealthy queen, I just have to look out my window. At the end of our drive, I can turn left and walk through a paradise of forested meandering roads, with long stretches of no houses, cars, or people.

I'm in a time of transition, like most all of us. To stay in the flow, I've disconnected from much of the "old" world. I watch no news or read any headlines. I only get on facebook to do an occasional post and see if I'm tagged on something that needs a response. I completely avoid the newsfeeds and, as I've said before, this presidential election is not part of my reality. And so it is. Luckily, most of my work is with priestesses, highly conscious women who keep the momentum of higher consciousness going. I try to walk in Nature every day and we drive out to our cabin almost weekly to feed the deer and the birds and watch the colors of the mountains from the hot tub. I know... it sounds divine, and it is. It also took a long time for me to get here.

I understand Laws of the Universe, especially from a Hermetics standpoint, but still the reasons behind the frequency with which Nature shows up big for me, caught me off guard. How and why do opportunities to enjoy it for a good portion of every day happen? Quite simply, it is my life's blood right now. Nature isn't trying to sell me something or convince me that one side is better than the other. There are no fluorescent lights, putdowns, or arguments; no need to escape anything. When I sit in Nature and wonder about any subject, the answer is given almost instantly. I want for nothing when I am there. It is the easiest way for me to live and breathe my Divine Path and I'm hoping I'll never return to that old world I spoke of. Maybe none of us will.

What are you unconsciously manifesting in your life?

How can you live and breathe your greatest joy?

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