Who were you in a past life? Does it really matter?

Burden of the Drama We choose whether to get caught up in our stories every day. We can either be the one who is wounded by the world or we can be the world. It’s only a shift in perspective. The first choice keeps us caught on a hamster wheel of perpetuating stories. The second choice frees us to surrender to who we are without the burden of the drama. Who are we without our stories? We are the One who creates, experiences and delights in it all. We are the same as the stars and the sun and the giggling baby and the woman who cuts us off in traffic and the beggar on the street, the meditating monk and the raving politician. The only difference is a chosen point of view.

Are we both Actor and Audience? Alan Watts wonderfully proposed that we are the actors in the drama (and it’s all drama), as well as the audience. Just as we have all gotten personally caught up in stories playing out on the screen or stage, we are such great actors that we have fooled ourselves into thinking our masked performances of life are real.

Suppose that, in between performances, we meet in the green room to rehearse who will be playing the villain and who the hero, who will be someone famous or someone infamous or who might have a small supporting role this time around, knowing we are all of those and none of them. Then we go out on stage again in a particular lifetime drama and act out the stories. At times it is “Part 2” or “Part 33” and we even remember snippets of the previous acts, sometimes hundreds of years old. Can the perpetuating drama be fun? Absolutely. Can it be agonizing? Oh yes. Is it ever real? Dear God, I hope not.

Our Pain is still Debilitating When we experience loss or trauma and injustice in the process of our dramas, it hurts and we often need assistance to work through the stages. In fact, may we ALWAYS get support from both professionals and loving community. Our culture does not provide for enough of this organically so we need to seek it out through therapies of various kinds, initiatory processes, soul family and workshops.

We have an attachment to ‘Earning’ Enlightenment We can believe we are Suzie or Joe and in a past life, we may have been Vincent or Elizabeth. It’s an interesting tale for us to spin, but all the parts we have played keep us from realizing we are only that from which we came; One with Source. We don’t really have to pay in blood, sweat, tears and lifetimes for our enlightenment, though sometimes our souls choose to do it that way. We don’t really need to justify 'waking up' by reiterating our suffering. I had an old friend who was a journalist/storyteller and those who knew him used to joke that he would endure the most horrendous agonies just so he could talk about them later. We all do that as we weave our way in and out of experiences, don’t we? We create our own torment, triumph and drama by soul agreements, then we rely on our human stories to both validate and justify and even give us reasons for staying a part of the drama at all.

What a Relief On the other hand, while we are humans pretending that we are anything but pure Light, we can shift from actor to audience and remember that we are indeed pretending. What a relief! We are not only this narrow, sometimes befuddled character with the burden of centuries of story-attachments, but we are in truth everything and everyone around us and beyond. We are each aspects of Creator, finding God’s face everywhere we turn.

If you choose to believe this as a possibility and decide to live each day from this perspective, then the stories lose relevance and there will be only one question that remains.

What face will God wear today and with what degree of reverence will I meet the Divine?

In Love & Gratitude, Raven

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