You and I? We're just getting started.

Did you know that Jessica Tandy, at the age of 80, and Christopher Plummer, at the age of 82 won Oscars? Dr Leila Denmark, an American pediatrician was still working until her retirement at the age of 103. She went on to live another eleven years after that. At 96, South African Mohr Keet became the oldest bungee jumper ever. At 66, Elizabeth Adeney from Suffolk became Britain’s oldest mum when she gave birth to a son in 2009. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't publish her Little House books until her retirement savings was knocked out by the stock market crash of '29. You get the picture.....age is only a number!

I'll be honest, I have thought over the last couple of years about slowing down. A multitasker by nature, I have plenty of projects going at any given moment and inspiration for more is not a problem. I've worked hard, following my heart even when it made no logical sense.  The result has been a pretty sweet experience, but I'd like to work easier and less, rather than harder and more.

Last week I turned 55 years clearer, wiser and happier and the next year is filled with some new ventures that I never expected. While I won't be slowing down, my work will be a bit more concentrated and clear in a delightful and surprising turn that feels like a deeper settling into my path.

So all this to and I...well, we are just getting started! Funny that it was only this past Winter that I let go of many dreams, identities and attachments. It was not an easy process, but a brutal and grief-laden one. I contemplated endings - the ending of dreams and goals and also the ending of life. I sat with the certainty of death and how to best live when we may not have tomorrow. Thankfully, my practice of Hermetic and Alchemy steps and principles moved me through this time in a conscious way. Many of you contacted me that you were in a similar place (which also made me feel not so alone). In the end, I emerged with a new level of wisdom that I already knew, but embodied more deeply: that everything really and truly is right here in this moment. There is nothing else. If we are waiting, we are not living. If we are anticipating or counting on something to happen in the future, we have given over our power and are dead to the only thing that is real: this very moment.

For the first time in memory, I sat in presence not waiting on anything or working toward something. Nothing felt like it was "out there" in the future somewhere. I became both ready to live and ready to die having seen the paradox for what it is. While I was being blissfully present, the Universe shifted some things into place for me. So the takeaway is something we all know but tend to have a hard time embodying: Be present, disengage from the drama, be free from agenda and live your truth from the heart. That's the sweet spot where it all clicks.

I can hardly wait to see what YOU create~shift~surrender~resurrect with this one, beautiful life. So. Much. Love. Raven

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