A High Priestess (for sure!)

February 10, 2015


As far as being able to do my sacred work in the world, it just doesn’t get any better than The Multi-Dimensional Priestess Path™ and The Magdalene Mysteries™. Because of this work my world is filled with Priestesses (lucky me!) and I have the satisfaction of knowing that this work serves others.  A number of younger women have been drawn to my recent circles and, to my delight, they dove into the process, without a lot of the fears and baggage of more seasoned women. I’m so proud of them and feel overwhelming gratitude when they take their raised awareness and consciousness as well as shamanic tools back to their jobs, schools, children, and relationships. One of these women is only 21 years old and has already completed both levels of the Priestess Path. For those of you who are not sure what that means, I’ll just say that this is very profound and courageous work (each level is 6-9 months) that women find deeply rewarding, but also not especially easy. The second level is something only a percentage of Shamanic Priestesses choose to take on.


High Priestess Holly Rose was in 8th grade when I met her. She was in school with my youngest son and I was substitute teaching. She stayed in the classroom with me during lunch a few times to talk. Holly was having some typical teenage angst. In the midst of my pep talk with this very aware and vibrant young woman, I remember saying “One day you’re going to do the Priestess Process and the world better watch out.” A few years later we reconnected and she did just that.


When women feel drawn to priestess work, but have a myriad of excuses (which I get – cause I had them too!) such as….”I don’t have the time, I can’t get off work, I can’t leave my family, money’s tight….etc,etc.,” I think of Holly.  She’s a young single Mom, busy raising Gabriel and making her way in the world. Time and money are not things that are in surplus for her, but that didn’t stop Holly. She even came to one of our weekends so sick that she couldn’t sit up, but had to lie down for the entire first day. This woman was ready to take charge of her life and her firm and fast commitment in spite of obstacles was a lesson for us all..


If not for her profound beauty, you might not take notice at first. She is sometimes introspective and quiet, allowing those around her to fill up the space. She’s no pushover, but she doesn’t grandstand either. Holly priestesses in the world by being true to herself and diving deeply into her own wounds and shadows without hesitation. She knows she has a long ways to go and she also knows that she is perfect in this moment. Those of us who love Holly can only smile because we know she’s quietly gathering wisdom, growing in her power, following her soul-path, and preparing to make her mark on the world that promises to be anything but timid.

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