Codes of Wisdom for the Workplace

Have you ever tried to play a video game with a teenager but you have no idea what you are doing? Did you ever sit down to a game of cards that you've never played and try to learn as you go along? Maybe after awhile you learn enough to get by, but you fail to see the deeper strategies or cause and effect of various plays.

There are Seven Principles of Life and Work or Codes of Wisdom that are rules of the game for creating success and balance. They are ancient wisdom codes that have stood the test of time, yet very few know them and even fewer have mastered them. You may have heard of a twist on one of these Principles: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." We tend to think of this as related to physics, but it exists in all states and situations, including mental and emotional.

By bringing these Codes into your business and learning simple tools to utilize them, you will gain a bigger picture view of the power you have to make transformational decisions and take your business and partnerships to a higher level. An added bonus is that it's lots of fun and builds trust, teamwork and confidence!


One recent workshop participant said "I feel like I've pushed the Easy Button!"

           Codes of Wisdom Training Includes:

  • Clear Teachings around the 7 Principles of Life & Work

  • An Engaging mix of Discussion, Video and Participatory Exercises to Further Understanding

  • Problem Solving using the Principles

  • Communication & Collaboration using the Principles

  • Triggers & What They can Teach Us

  • Business Building using the Principles

  • How You do One Thing is how You do Everything: Expanding Awareness

  • Breaking old Cycles and Creating New Wisdom Habits

About Your Trainer

Raven Sinclaire is one of the most talented, intuitive, ethical, heart-centered people I know and it's been my honor to to work with her on various projects over the years. If you are looking for answers to life's puzzles, Raven can provide excellent guidance and insight.

-Teri Barnett, Commercial Interior Designer & Bestselling Author

Raven is an excellent leader, intuitive, and visionary. I trust her to be completely open, honest, and to take full responsibility for herself and any projects she manages. She’s reliable, compassionate, and fun to work with, so if you have the chance, I highly recommend working with Raven!

-Ariana Ayu, CEO, Ayutopia International, LLC

Raven has facilitated group processes utilizing ancient teachings for the past ten years. A 'serial entrepreneur', she nurtures a continual stream of projects and business growth while keeping codes of higher wisdom as her foundation. She has worked in marketing and promotions in the past and created Herstory Asheville, a women's history tour, in 2007 for which she was named one of 2010's Women of Influence by the YWCA.

Raven has a passion for helping people create lasting change and breaking unhealthy cycles. She does this through her live and online courses and writing. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Sacred Science Journal, a quarterly publication which explores the relationship between Science and Spirit.

She lives in Asheville, NC and is the mother of three grown children. In addition to her business endeavors, she is currently pursuing a Master's in Scottish History through the University of Dundee.

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