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Raven has a lifelong connection to the unseen world and an ability to see beneath the surface of current events or a person's sabotaging cycles. Her passion is to share insights and tools to help others enhance their lives, relationships and careers through the laws of created things. Years ago, Raven was a single mother who dealt with financial crisis and cycles of deep depression. She transformed her situation by using the Hermetic Principles as a philosophy to live her life and run her businesses. From years of study came her own creative process called the 7 Steps to Mastery™, a synthesis of Hermetic wisdom, shadow work and her own teachings, which she shares in workshops around the world.


Raven is the founder of Quintessential Human™ Coaching for Life & Business, a coaching program utilizing the 7 Steps to Mastery™ to help clients succeed in life, love and business. She is a Magdalene High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine and Anyaa McAndrew and founder of the Temple of Ascension spiritual community. Raven is an international teacher and inspirational speaker and is currently working on her Master's in Scottish History at the University of Dundee. She is the mother of three grown children and two stepsons. Raven lives in Western North Carolina, and travels regularly to Scotland. Her tours can be found at

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