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Raven has a lifelong connection to the unseen world and an ability to see beneath the surface of current events or a person's sabotaging cycles. Her passion is to share insights and tools to help others enhance their lives, relationships and careers. She does this through her workshops and writings.

Raven is an ordained Magdalene High Priestess in the lineage of Anyaa McAndrew and Nicole Christine. She is the founder of The Temple of Ascension community and Editor-in-Chief of Sacred Science Journal. She teaches ancient wisdom courses related to Hermetic Principles & Alchemy and is currently working on her Master's in Scottish History at the University of Dundee. Raven is the mother of three grown children and two stepsons. She lives in Asheville, NC, with her beloved, Steve, and travels regularly to Scotland. With an understanding that the Earth is our only home, the animal kingdom is our family, and the planet is in a state of emergency, Steve and Raven share their journey toward a zero waste and conscious lifestyle at TracelessLiving.com and Raven's tours can be found at TracelessTours.com


Mahina Perrot

Mahina is our European liaison for subscribers and events. She is a French born photojournalist with a passion for animals and conservation.We love that!


Mahina lives in Zambia and has written for magazines in New Zealand, reported news in Tahiti, been a zookeeper in Florida and pursued the wilds of Botswana, Brazil and South Africa with her camera and pen. Mahina offers safaris along with her husband at kelvinsafaris.com.


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Evan Williams

Evan is the staff photographer for Sacred Science Journal and our workshops, tours and events. He loves traveling and capturing wildlife photos along the way.

Evan is available for portraits and weddings and prints of his stunning nature and urban photos are also an option. Visit evanwilliamsphotography.com for more info and follow him on instagram.



Haley Sinclaire

Haley assists Raven with courses, tours and emails. She co-created wtf wanderers travel blog with her BFF Julia. She  enjoys brunch food, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Criminal Minds and generally anything that is a bit unstable (did we mention she's also a tad snarky with razor-sharp comebacks?).


Haley just completed a four month internship in Morocco and is finishing her last semester of law school, pursuing a career in International Human Rights.


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