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Source Code Esoteric Community

Source Code is an online esoteric wisdom community and the doors close on March 15th. Join Rosie Volcano and Raven on a deep diving journey of expansion. You'll have access to teachings in an initiatory path that is expanded from the old Mystery Schools. Source Code is an evolution from ancient teachings into a co-creative relationship with the New Earth. You'll also have access to exclusive interviews and videos and a community of fellow-journeyers. Membership is $99 a month.

An Evolving Journey into Hermetic Principles

Commit to your own transformation through the study of Hermetic Wisdom. Raven has reworked this popular online course to include new levels of understanding. The 7 week course includes audios, videos and handouts for your self-guided journey. 

Initiations of the Alchemist

A great companion and continuing exploration to the Evolving Journey into Hermetic Principles, this 7 week course teaches an understanding of the symbolic path of ancient alchemy. This is not laboratory alchemy but utilizes the metaphors for an "As within" transformation. Note: We very highly recommend An Evolving Journey into Hermetic Principles course, above, as a prerequisite. A knowledge of Hermetic wisdom is essential to a deep understanding of this course.

Old Truths New Light Hermetic Oracle Deck

This boxed set of 72 cards includes Hermetic Principles, Laws and Axioms and a detailed booklet to explain the deeper meanings of each card and layout options. The deck has been intuitively created by Raven with color photographs by Evan Williams. These are not mass produced to allow for changes and evolutions to the deck. Just as Hermetic wisdom teaches: Everything is in constant motion. All products are printed in the U.S. supporting humane working conditions and fair wages.  

Biz Wiz App

Download our new app to bring Hermetic Wisdom into your business! Whether you're starting a new business or upgrading an existing one, Biz Wiz includes modules that cover everything from clearing finances blocks to business visioning, transcending linear time to accomplish more and working with the laws of the Universe to find joy and success. Includes In-App Purchase options.

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