Priestess Plus Combined Process

If you've found this page, you and I have a sacred appointment. We made it eons ago, under an ancient yew tree

or in a long forgotten cave. It was an emotional parting, but we agreed to meet again in this space and time

to awaken what the centuries would render dormant. Thank you for showing up! 


Over the years, I emerged Shamanic Priestess and High Priestess Circles and these women are still my Priestess Sisters, still my soul family. It was profound and life-changing work and also a great deal of responsibility to hold healing space for a Circle of women for months at a time. I made the tough decision to "retire" from Priestess facilitation a few years ago to concentrate on Hermetics and Alchemy. 


Now, I've been called to offer one more Priestess Circle, unlike the others. This will be two processes combined with new insights from my work over the past few years. This is not advertised to the public and only made available by Rosie's personal invitation.

We will meet online for six 4-day gatherings. When I used to offer my First level Priestess Process, the fee was $2,420. If someone took both the Priestess and second level High Priestess, they paid over $5,000. The price for this Priestess Plus combined offering is only $2,700 for the entire year. I can't wait to see what we will transform together!


Dates will be picked that work for all participants and we will begin our first 4-day session around Beltane. Each of the six gatherings will be on Thursday evenings, all day Friday and Saturday with breaks for meals and individual work and end about noon on Sundays. This is a 12-month commitment dependent on how we schedule our 6 gatherings leading to the High Priestess Emergence & Ordination. Email me with any questions or simply answer this calling to make a commitment to yourself and the world by clicking the Register button at the bottom of the page. Registration will close on April 1st or before, if the Circle fills. 

Note: If possible, safe to travel and agreed upon by all, we can consider gathering in person for our last 4-day Circle.

If so, you would be responsible for your travel, lodging and food. 

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For more information or to enquire about booking Raven for your event,

contact us.

Thanks for connecting!