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WizardPath is coming soon.

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Children come into the world with natural curiosity, love of Nature and a sense of connection to everything around them. They are natural wizards! What if they never lost that? 

What if they grew up in a world that continued to hold magic, invite reflection; a world that held the keys to living their most sacred life?

WizardPath is a series of books, games, online courses, classroom materials and training geared toward children and teens that teach the Hermetic Principles or the laws of created things in age-appropriate ways through everyday experiences. We are planning a summer camp experience as well!

A journey through the Natural World and our place within it will empower children to find the beauty and Divinity within themselves and others. They will grow with a reverence and joy for living and learn to be resilient, no matter what life brings. They will experience the world around them as an awe-inspiring classroom and most importantly, they will see the ways that everything is a mirror for the wonder that is within them. 

The laws of created things are real and life-changing guidelines that show us how to live in partnership with the world around us. If you could empower children with the keys to live their most amazing and sacred life, wouldn't you?

This is the heart and soul of WizardPath.

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