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Both Conspiracies and Prophecies Hijack your Power

Updated: May 20, 2021

Several years ago, I was with Steve in an airport on a tram to our terminal. The train doors opened and a rush of people separated us. When I finally stepped off, the door closed on my purse strap. The strap was over my head and across the opposite shoulder. In a flash, fear set in. I didn’t know if the train doors would sense my purse as an object but they seemed to not be opening. I had a strange vision or experience during this split second, most likely brought on by a surge of fear-based questions that lifted me out of this perceived reality. The train, the terminal and the people disappeared, and I saw myself floating in space surrounded by clear orbs. There were billions of them and inside each one was a possible moment or experience. Some were lifetimes ago. Some showed prehistoric man and others showed scenes from what must be the future. I also saw this current life experience and noticed that some of the orbs were scenarios that never happened. These orbs of possibility were not all the experiences that manifested but all the experiences that might have.

In this timeless space that must have lasted a fragment of a second in linear time, was an intricate and detailed teaching. When I focused on one orb, the others disappeared and I became part of what was playing out inside. There were scenes of great planetary destruction and scenes of great healing. The choice of the experience was completely up to me, but when I chose one, I could no longer see the others.

The tram door did open and there was no harm done, but I was silent for awhile, not wanting to lose anything this moment had shown me. I knew each orb of possibility had been conceived by someone and choosing to place my point of focus made it my experience, if only for a moment. We are each creators continually choosing our creation and the creations that are possible must match our vibratory resonance. The possibilities are continually in flux.

An early mentor used to tell me that religious leaders, spiritual teachers or psychics who claim to know the future or lead others to believe they have some inside knowledge or guidance by God, spirits, angels or beings from the stars, will pay a high price for their deceptions. “What if they really do have some kind of connection and believe they are performing a service?” I asked. His response was an eye-opener. If they are predicting an outcome or a future that is not yet here, they are calling upon others to feed energy into a future for the purpose of their own egos. In this way they are meddling with the free will of others which will always bring karmic retribution. How can anyone know what will come when it is never decided until it is here? Why would anyone feel the need to take the power of creation away from others so they can claim authority?

It’s interesting that most predictions never come to pass so the original stories will be manipulated, and the timelines changed so followers will keep coming back, keep giving away their power to this person who supposedly has information which they can’t get. In the meantime, they will most likely be asked to give donations or purchase more inside information in some form.

YOU are a co-creator with God. When you remember that, you have no need to listen to someone else’s conspiracies or prophecies. You have the ultimate power to create your best life and co-create the world in which you would love to live. Out of endless possibilities, you get to choose what you bring into being. This is not only an option, but a sacred responsibility. Don’t bypass your sacred work by giving that power away to anyone else. Turn off the news, block the conspiracy theorists, unfollow the gurus who tell you what is bound to happen and live and love in this moment, creating a world that mirrors the same.




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