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Are You Tired? If so, that's great news.

Hey There Conscious Creator,

I'll get right to the point. The Principle of Polarity is throwing some wrenches into a lot of our plans. There is a sense of expansion, hope and an almost childlike feeling of What's next? At the same time, there is a weariness that we can't keep doing what we've done. It's just too much and it's tough to get motivated to do the work that is in front of us. Are you feeling it a little or a lot? Either way, that's great news! Polarity is a beautiful Principle. Ideally, it keeps us evolving and encourages a higher view of things. When we are caught up in only one polarity, mired in the muck of it, it's almost impossible to have vision or motivation. However, the Hermetic student knows that if one undesireable polarity feels all-encompassing, the desireable opposite will one day feel that way as well. The cycle of opposites is an eternal rhythm where one polarity is continually born from the other. We tend to see opposites as extremes on a line, like hot and cold on a thermometer, but that is too simple. Polarity is the division of a force into two different and opposing aspects that naturally strive for reunion. This is true of Spirit and Matter, both continually drawn to the other, playing out in a perpetual act of creation. It is true of other opposites as well. Contrast delivers information to an observer/you/me, who then responds. If there are no contrasts, there is nothing to perceive or respond to and no means to evolve. In order for anything to be perceived, it must represent the opposite of something else. Polarity keeps all of creation in motion. Without it, movement would cease.

If you are feeling hopeful but your energy seems hopeless, that's the perfect place to be! Your body is recovering and adjusting while the Universe is saying "There are changes ahead. Come dance with the contrasts!"

For now, rest. Take it easy, but do the sacred work that is in front of you. It's exhausting to look too far ahead so take it moment by moment. Each time you do the sacred work that is next, you are moving out of stagnation and into flow. Each state of being holds a self-contradiction. That contradiction serves as the motor to propel movement to a higher and more complete state of awareness. Join Masterpath Coaching on Instagram to learn more about the fascinating study of Hermetic Wisdom. We will be doing short, live teachings later this week AND share readings from my new Oracle deck. We'll also be giving some decks away! Need support to uplevel now? Send a note to Masterpath Coaching. xo, Raven


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