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She typed 666

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Meet Luna, our youngest of four cats. Don't let the peaceful pose mislead. She's the kitten that runs across my keyboard and just happens to type "666." She's the one that has broken and torn things that no other cat has ever touched like the handmade pottery piece my husband gave me on our wedding day. Recently, I caught her in mid-air as she tried to leap into a hot stove when I was checking dinner. I think she's the Universe's way of letting me know I'm not ready for grandkids. In the middle of the night, she climbs up the inside of our wooden window shades and bats jingly balls up and down the hall like a giant pinball machine. During the day she knocks things over, hides up inside the lining of my big comfy chair, sticks her paws in any unsupervised glass of water and scrapes the nail polish off my toenails with her baby teeth if she catches my bare feet dangling. I've raised lots of kittens into cats. They are generally pretty low maintenance but Luna takes the cake....she doesn't care what flavor. She will eat any cake or asparagus or chips or potatoes or really most other human food. If you would have told me she would take so much time and patience, I probably would have

skipped or gone for another kitty, but all the stars somehow aligned to bring us together. She has been a teacher, as animals tend to be, of presence. There is often nothing else I could possibly do but throw jingly toys down the hall or rub her sweet back while her eyes close and her head bobs in the best way. She is part hellion, but oh my, I love her so. And she's so sweet when she is sleeping. 🥰 I was thinking about the presence-power of our four legged friends as I noticed Luna, sitting on my desk, look up at me with such overwhelming "I'm the cutest in the world" energy that I picked her up. She placed her paws on my cheeks and tried to pull my face to her, getting so close that both our eyes crossed. Then she licked my nose just in case it was dirty and needed a spruce up. I can't think of anyone else who would do that for me.

It is a wondrous thing that our pet family gives us. If there are no pets in your house, you can simply go outside and connect with a ladybug or bird or random creature. Then, really SEE them. What energy do they mirror back to you and what energy do they bring to teach? Send them some love cause they are are just trying to do the sacred work that is in front of them. I try to emulate that as much as possible. Love, Raven


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