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The Sacred Work that is in front of you

Hey Conscious Creators!

In the midst of mayhem and confusion, we are called to balance faith with action. It's not easy and it can be tiring but the rewards are a shift in our own consciousness and that shift is mirrored in the world we see. When we find ourselves in dismay over what is being done or said around us, that is our invitation to get to work. We are all creators and in each moment we are creating what is next, whether we are aware or not.

When I'm tempted to fall into complaining or commiserating, I remember to look for the sacred work that is in front of me. Sometimes it's washing the dishes, connecting with a friend, writing a letter, casting a vote, or sitting in prayer or meditation. I know that, for all of us, whether our conscious creations are seen or unseen, small or large, they are important and needed in the world. Whatever we are doing, when we engage with presence and gratitude, the next step magically appears, and it is often better than our wildest wishes.

For months I've been immersed in doing what is right in front of me, present with "what is" and not often looking ahead or behind, but creating in each moment as I am guided. From Routine to Ritual is approaching Week 10 of a year-long journey with 1200 fabulous beings. If you are one of them, I am so thankful to be traveling a path of conscious presence with you!

I hope you'll join me in some new creations.....

  • Tea Time with Team Magi  - Masterpath Coaching has launched and I've been working with the fabulous Team Magi who show me magic-in-action every day. You simply must meet them. This hour long zoom event will be free and fun, a meet & greet, no sales pitches. RSVP for the zoom link here. 

  • Old Truths/New Light, Hermetic Wisdom Oracle Deck, is coming in time for the holidays! This boxed set of 72 cards will include Hermetic Principles, Laws and axioms to give greater clarity to your daily experiences and encounters and includes a booklet of layouts and insights for each card. The deck features color photos by Evan Williams Photography. :). Preorder for holiday gift giving by October 15th to receive before Christmas. 

  • And a tale and an adventure from another world. Come with me! Radiant Light Retreat (May 9-17, 2021), with initiations from a medieval romance, the knight Parzival's search for the Holy Grail. We will call in ancient wisdom, embody light and fully seat some high vibe magic, so crucially needed in our lives and on the planet. This will be a luxury retreat with a few daily excursions to nearby sites, workshop time and space to meander the beauty of this stunning 3,000 acre Yorkshire estate. With only 17 bedrooms in dreamy Broughton Hall, all but 6 rooms are already filledEmail me and I'll send you photos and prices of the rooms that remain. Of course this retreat is subject to covid-updates. We will fully refund if travel is not possible in May. 

Honoring your creations in each moment and looking forward to our sacred work together.




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