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Relax, we weren't born to fix the problems of the world.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Can you imagine the sheer weight of that responsibility, let alone the exhaustion of waking up to it each day? I bet you probably can, if only to some degree.

The world is imbalanced and unfair and cruel, but it is also balanced and equitable and loving. They exist in partnership, polarities that make us appreciate life even more. It isn't possible to right all the wrongs, but we can find and celebrate the wisdom that exists in them both. 

The news magnifies the tragic and the horrific everyday on our screens, but our everyday lives are most likely lived within our families, neighborhoods and cities with kindness, peace and beauty. This is not always true. There are those on the frontlines of various rescue missions and disasters, there are some who need help and aid and first responders who are doing noble service. I pray for them and give to organizations doing work in the world which alleviates pain and I vote for those who are aligned with my values. 

However, when I personally feel a need to fix some of the world's wounds, I stage a radical protest against these polarized stories that often promote one agenda or another, brought into my home and psyche by simply turning them off and living the life that is in front of me. We will never fix the problems of the world and that is by design, but we can bring awareness to what these mirrors reflect back to us. We can bring presence and joy to our own lives and communities, which reverberates out into the world in ways we cannot always see or understand. 

In the simplest terms, Hermetic Principles teach that Love and Hate can be seen as opposites and we move toward Love as our Vibration increases. Higher vibration polarities are much stronger so a little bit of Love can neutralize a lot of its opposite. Balance, Love and Equity begin within each of us and it is only from that space that we can see change in the world. 

Hang in there. You didn't come complete with cape to save the universe, only to find the beauty and wisdom in the push and pull, the ebb and flow of life on earth. I know you've got this! If you'd like to dive deeper into the study of Hermetics as wisdom for these times, please reach out.




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