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Where are we headed?

Dear Creative Spirit,

In these strange times, many are weighing in on what's ahead for our planet, for the way of life we have gotten used to, the evolution of our species. I receive articles and links asking what I think about this or that or do I agree with so and so. 

The Laws of created things tell us nothing is at rest. Everything is in constant motion and can only be experienced in this present moment. There are a myriad of stories and possible outcomes revolving around in the ethers. I see these as bubbles floating aimlessly and, when we latch onto one, the others disappear and it takes us out of our centeredness and place of power and we become a slave of the story, in either subtle or not-so-subtle ways. For this reason, I wouldn't tell someone that I believe this or that or that a particular outcome is bound to happen. Right here, right now is all that can inform us. Everything else is only a story that is not yet decided. The potential scenarios change in each moment with our collective vibration. And in the end, they are all just stories anyway.

There is a space that will keep us prepared for absolutely anything that comes our way. It is a space that connects us to All that is, the Divine flow that is our home, the Mother within, unaffected by the dream of the planet or the various prophecies. In this loving space, we are guided by Spirit in each moment. We are self-reliant and introspective. We are guided to the next right action and we are innately prepared, whether that means growing and storing our own food, living sustainably, holding our spiritual communities and families close or communing with those who are open-hearted and loving. 

It's become a human habit to give away our power without realizing it. We cast blame on others or situations, which transfers our power to them. We become preoccupied with concerns or fears that are not yet true and may never be, we play the waiting game (when such and such happens, we will do such and such), or we are dependent on others to be able to survive. These are the scenarios that take us out of the present moment, the only space where we are co-creators with Spirit. The only place where we can prepare for whatever is to come. Outside of this space, we are out of sovereignty and become a pawn in another's creation. 

My answer when someone sends an article or a prophecy about the future is this: We cannot know what is to come because in each moment, everything changes. When we are connected with our own power, in partnership with Spirit, there is no need to look outside for the answers. And when we allow the future to steal us away from this moment, we are left ill-equipped for both tragedy and fortune. 

Power and Presence is the most magical place from which to live, love and create. It is a space of abundance that won't leave you stranded or unprepared and it's right here, right need to go searching.




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