"Raven is authentic, humble, experienced and inspired. She is a master spiritual teacher of extraordinarily rich and important sacred wisdom."         

- Andrew Harvey, Author and Mystic

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"Most of us experience a time in our lives when someone shows up in the right way at the right time and profoundly changes our lives from that point forward. Raven was that person for me. As a mentor, she's helped me to see and understand the potential and resources within myself and helped me build tools to fully embrace them. I would not be where I am today without her knowledge, understanding, and willingness to share."


Blais Bellenoit

“Raven is an extraordinary intuitive visionary and healer who walks easily between the worlds of the seen and unseen to give tremendous guidance.  She is also a gifted teacher, kind, generous, and loving. She walks the path of service to humanity and is a gift to all who come into contact with her.“ 


Deborah Meitz, M.D.

"Raven Sinclaire is one of the most talented, intuitive, ethical, heart-centered people I know and it's been my honor to to work with her on various projects over the years. If you are looking for answers to life's puzzles, Raven can provide excellent guidance and insight. Seek her out to connect to your own inner wisdom and you will not be disappointed."

Teri Barnett

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Find Raven on instagramfacebook, etc. but social media is not her favorite so don't expect a quick reply. Email hello@ravenreplies.com for a speedy response. 

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