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This course** facilitates inner transformation, allowing you to uncover that which is hindering you from your passion and purpose. The steps of practical alchemy will be studied, not in a chemist's lab but within the laboratory of soul over a 7 week or 7 module class to be completed in your own time. This is a deep metaphoric journey into your own evolution, your own conscious expansion. The universal operations of alchemy are intended to transform and perfect anything, whether it be base metals, a person’s temperament or the human soul. Remember from the Hermetics course, the laws of created things show us that everything reflects everything else.

"I've taken several Alchemy and Hermetics trainings and Raven Sinclaire's Hermetics & Alchemy course is the best–-BY FAR. She's a wonderful facilitator and skilled intuitive. I'm so grateful to have been led to her work." - Melody LeBaron

**This course is the next level study after An Evolving Journey into Hermetic Principles. The price will go up to $180 on August 1st.

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