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Old Truths/New Light Hermetic Oracle Deck

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This boxed set of 72 cards includes Hermetic Principles, Laws and Axioms and a detailed 82-page booklet to explain the deeper meanings of each card and layout options. The deck has been intuitively created by Raven with color photographs by Evan Williams Photography. From the creative start to the printed finish, consciousness is infused in each card. You can find live readings and wisdom wee bits by following @Masterpathcoaching on Instagram.

*These decks are printed by Girlie Press, Seattle, Washington, an independent woman-owned business paying living wages. Thanks for supporting conscious commerce.

What customers are saying:

"I haven't been able to put this beautiful Oracle deck down since I received it. Hermetic wisdom? Yes, please!" -Alithea Gailliot

"These cards are wonderful and the photography lives!" -RuthAnne Brown

"I couldn't wait to unwrap these when the package came and an hour later, I am immersed. There is so much insight in this magical deck. Thank you!" -Jean Lovelace

"The card messages are succinct AND vast. They give me more info than the standard Tarot cards. I feel my spirit guides or higher self clearer through these than other cards I have used." -Melanie Roberts

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