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A Holiday Gift

Updated: May 20, 2021

"To behold God in all things is to live in complete joy."

- Julian of Norwich

Hello there Sparkly One, Maybe you don't feel particularly sparkly in this moment, but the Light is still there. It is being coaxed out even as you read this. It is growing in brilliance even though surrounded by the shadows of these times. We've all been encouraged to find the gifts in the chaos that has been 2020. The solitude we may have craved prior to this year or the time away from work we once longed for have now officially overstayed their welcome. We may have once wished to enjoy more home cooked meals and that has turned into "omg, can we just get a pizza and be done with it?" The scenarios we judge as "bad" can have beautiful gifts. The scenarios we judge as "good" can turn sour. I've found that presence is getting me through. In this moment, right in front of me, what magic can I find? As I write this, the rain is pouring down from a gloomy sky but I am warm and the lights are on, there is a cat on my lap, strong coffee in my cup and I am reaching out to both old friends and new and that is quite a lot of magic. The above quote by Julian of Norwich encourages us to find God in all darkness and light, loneliness and companionship, poverty and abundance. As Hermetic Wisdom teaches us, there is nothing that is not Divine and there is gold to be alchemized in every mountain of lead. I recently spoke with Matthew Fox, the author of 38 books and recipient of the Abbey Courage of Conscience Peace Award also previously received by the Dali Lama, Rosa Parks, and Mother Theresa. His newest book Julian of Norwich: Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic and Beyond is a treasure and after reading it, I just had to schedule an interview.

Enjoy the discussion with Matthew as my holiday gift to you. Julian speaks to us from the 14th century and I hold onto her words: "All will be well. And all will be well." Then as if twice wasn't quite enough, she adds: "and every kind of thing shall be well." Happy Holidays from my Heart to Yours. Love, Raven


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