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It's in your blood and bones

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Hello Lovelies, Do you find these words from Caroline Myss haunting? "The laws of mysticism are coded into our blood and bones" feels like a calling from our own depths. Hermetic wisdom (the laws of created things) has always said this. We were created within a framework of laws and principles and our own creations (insert life, decisions and actions) are also bound and driven by these same laws. It's indeed ironic that many don't know these laws or maybe they've read about them once or twice but don't really have the time to study, understand and embody. They all work together. We can somewhat comprehend the Principle of Cause and Effect but if we don't comprehend the other six, we only have one ingredient in the recipe. What can happen when we study and implement the Laws of Created Things?

  • We no longer battle ourselves in an inner conflict that always manifests outwardly too. In other words, we begin to live and work in sync with the coding that is in our "blood and bones" rather than against it

  • We know the rules of the game....finally! Life is still mysterious and awe-inspiring but we have the guidebook

At more advanced levels of understanding...

  • We have a path to cure our bodies and minds

  • We understand what is needed to survive planetary crisis and evolve into the next phase of humanity

  • We become active co-creators with God, transmuting spirit into matter and matter back into spirit.

But don't take my word for it. Hermetic wisdom is largely dependent on self-exploration. I can teach what I have learned but students must be ready to take it to new levels through practice and contemplation.

Learn more about living in sync with the codes of the natural world. The newest version of my online course is now available:An Evolving Journey into Hermetic Principles

If you're interested in the most life-changing immersion into Hermetic wisdom, there is no better way than personal coaching & mentorship utilizing the 7 Steps to Mastery™. Register for our updates at or reach out via our website for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you. Love, Raven


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