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The Law of Attraction? I felt duped.

Hey there Magical Manifestors!

Remember when The Secret came out years ago? It was a huge success with everyone talking about it, but I confess that I was disappointed. I wanted it to go deeper, to feel more profound than using thoughts and a vision board to manifest a new car. I know it was a bit more than that, but I still felt duped.

From a hermetic wisdom standpoint, I'm often asked how the law of attraction fits in and, after I recently explained this in a zoom event, I received even more questions. The Law of Attraction is an amazing concept that brought the idea that we have control over manifesting the life we desire to the masses. For many who already had a background knowledge of Hermeticism, it was a limited perspective of what they already knew, wrapped up in an intriguing package. The 7 Hermetic Principles work together and there must be a deep understanding of each to utilize them all. The Law of Attraction is really all 7 Hermetic Principles combined though they are not explained within the context. If you are using the Law of Attraction and you don't have a 100% success rate. If your life in this moment is not everything you want, then there are some parts missing and you may find them in Hermetic teachings, if you desire. From a marketing aspect, the law of attraction wins! It sounds much more appealing than Hermetic wisdom or the laws of created things. However, following the law of attraction can keep some on a path of seeking, rather than finding, for years to come. Now, after decades of integrating the Hermetic Principles so they are a part of me, a lens through which to see the world, I hear snippets of the Law of Attraction and see what is not being spoken. Truthfully, it took years to get here. It was not a quick trip, but I don't think I would have ever made it without the study of hermetics. Do I continually manifest to perfection? Haha! Of course not, but when I don't, I know why. And for those who have known me for years, you've witnessed how far this journey has brought me. If you wish to take your own journey into this wisdom so the law of attraction is less of a happy accident and more an expected way of life, I'm reworking my previous online Hermetics course for a new age of learners with a focus on these transformational times. Preorder here at a savings. It will go live on a brand new teaching platform in December. Happy Manifesting! Much Love, Raven


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