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How to recalibrate amidst the conspiracies

Hey There Vibrational Change-makers,

Emails have been coming in over the past weeks asking about Hermetic Principles and their relation to these current times. As you can imagine, there are volumes to say about this and I’ve been working on a book that I hope to complete soon. Meanwhile, the most pressing message right now is to STOP sharing, commenting, giving energy to the low vibrational information going around. Is that denial? Is that allowing more to go into Shadow? I don't believe so and here’s why.

We know about evil. We know about darkness in our world and beyond. Most on this email list understand the Principle of Polarity and how opposites are extremes of the same thing. We are not Pollyannas that deny the shadows or the dark opposites of our desires; we are masters of polarizing toward that which we seek.

Hermetic students will remember the Law of Neutralization and rising above the pendulum swings of Rhythm. We are being LOUDLY called to rise above in these times. Each vibratory level is like its own world or dimension, bleeding into the one above and below it. When you are in resonance with a particular vibration, you are living in that world and calling in that same vibration in every person and experience. As you raise your own vibration, you are not denying that the others exist, but you are choosing to live in a different world.

What to do Next? When you are on social media or surfing the web, vibrate toward and post only those links that are the vibration you are seeking or calling in. When you post or repost an article about the conspiratorial masterminds directing our world or the dangers of this or that, you are calibrating your vibration to that world and those truths, sending out an intention that this will inform your experiences. When you become caught up in and begin sharing information that demonizes a particular group, you have become the problem.

Gravitate instead toward those who uphold the vibratory resonance that you seek to embody. Focus on the hope, the potential actions of service that are in your power to take. Gravitate away from the conspiracy theories or truths that you can do nothing about; the very nature of which puts you in victimhood (a very low vibratory space to be and one that is hard to rise above). Posts that bring awareness and opportunities to serve are one thing. Posts that cast shadows with no solutions or glimmer of hope are quite another.  

Vibration multiplies upon itself. Have you noticed when you are around others talking about the tragedies and the fear-inducing stories of our world, it’s like a snowball effect? You begin to become more intrigued, find more supporting stories and go farther and farther down this rabbit hole. On the other hand, when you are around people who are filled with hope and passionately going about their sacred service in the world, you become caught up in the joy fest, you attract others who are on the same mission and opportunities for you to serve and celebrate begin to arise.

Let’s meet in the joy fest! That’s the place of empowerment where we can literally change the world!



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